Stefanie Smith Ceramics

Alternatively Fired Ceramics


Solo Exhibitions

Clearing the Ashes,   2015 

Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador Annex Gallery, St. John's NL
A collection of works which draws parallels between the discovery of fossils and the act of revealing a ceramic pieces from the pit, barrel, or raku firing.


Smoke Fired

Every smoke fired piece I create is formed by my hands with clay, embossed with a carefully carved stamp, and burnished with a favourite beach stone. Once completed, each piece is offered to the fire to be caressed and painted by its smoke. No two pieces are alike. All are created with passion and honesty.

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Puzzle Boxes

Sculptural Pieces

Vessels, Bowls, Tiles, and Wall Pieces

Smoke fired Ceramics by Stefanie SMith-Details


Aluminum Foil Saggar Fired

This firing technique involves painting the bisque fired pot with a selection of acids, and then wrapping it with crumpled aluminum foil.  The foil acts as a container (saggar) for the fumes created by the acids as they are heated in the kiln, and it also contributes to the patterns that these fumes create on the pots' surface.

For this unique process I prefer to explore the ancient method of coil building to create simple elegant forms that beautifully showcase the fuming effects of the saggar.

Gallery: Saggar Fired